Frequently Asked Questions

Choice Based Lettings is a different way of allocating properties owned by Housing Solutions and Abri. Instead of us contacting you when a suitable home becomes available, the properties will be advertised so that you can choose which ones you are interested in (within certain guidelines).
The houses and flats we advertise are general needs social housing so we have to make sure we allocate tenancies fairly. By registering for as transfer, we have the information that we will need to make sure that those who have the greatest need are given priority for housing. Do not register as a new application.
The major benefit of Choice Based Lettings is that it gives you choice in where you would like to live. Choice Based Lettings is a clear, open, understandable, fair and transparent way to access housing and has proven popular in other parts of the country. Choice Based Lettings provides you with more choice and information to help you find appropriate accommodation to meet your needs. Housing Solutions and Abri have come together and formed a joint choice based lettings scheme called Thames Home Choice
Click the green 'Register' button at the top right of the screen, that will take you to our online pre-assessment and transfer application form. If you are eligible to apply, don't forget to send us any supporting information we ask for so that your application can be properly assessed.
Once you have submitted your application, it can take between 4 to 6 weeks for it to be assessed. You may be asked for supporting information before a decision can be made on your eligibility to the transfer list. When a decision has been made, you will be sent an email or letter which will explain your banding, and bedroom need and which areas you prefer to move too.
You will only be able to start bidding on properties once your transfer application has been assessed and you receive the decision letter from us stating that your application has been made live. You will then be able to login to your application and start bidding for properties.
You can bid for more than one property at a time but please only bid for properties that you are definitely interested in and meet your need. You should only bid for properties that you are eligible for.
Please include details of your medical condition in your transfer application. If we need any further information, we will get in touch with you to discuss this.
In the first instance read your Landlord's Allocations Policy to see what they take into account when assessing your banding. If you still think your band is incorrect, then contact your local lettings team to discuss your application further.
You need to sign in first (if you are logging in for the first time you need to create a password and activate it from your email account). Once you have logged in, you should click 'View Homes' to see what properties you are eligible for. Click on the advert of any properties you want to bid on, check the details on the advert and make sure it's a property you're interested in, and click the 'Place Bid' button.
Once the bidding closes, staff will start to process the shortlist. This can happen from a few days to a few weeks after the shortlist has closed. If you click on My Bids, you can see the outcome of the bids you have placed and whether you were successful or not.
If you are approved for a priority band and are offered one suitable property for Band A or two suitable properties for Band B which you refuse, you will loose your priority status. If you are in Band C or D and refuse three properties you will be excluded from bidding for 6 months.
That depends upon the type of property you need and where you would like to live. Two bedroom bungalows, four bedroom houses and properties that are adapted for people with a disability, tend to be in very short supply. Check out the Feedback tab on the Help page fro further information and advice.
If you do not have an email address to allow you to register, you should contact your landlord using the details on the ‘Contact Page’ to discuss this further
It is very important that there is equal access to Choice Based Lettings. Applicants who are considered to be vulnerable will be able to be part of selective assisted bidding to support their needs and help them to find suitable housing.
If you require any more information on the scheme then please contact your Landlord.