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In our effort to meet the demand for social housing and provide an effective day to day housing management service Housing Solutions has implemented measures to ensure that our accommodation is occupied by the authorised household. Examples of tenancy fraud include 

  • Unlawful subletting- An unauthorised occupant resides in the property. This can include subletting the whole or part of the property to a third party without the consent of the landlord (Housing Solutions). It is made clear in the starter and assured tenancy agreements that unauthorised subletting is not permitted
  • Key selling- Where a tenant ‘sells‘ the keys onto another person in return for monies or goods received
  • Non occupation- Where a tenant claims that their house is their only or principle home, but instead uses it as a secondary property and resides there infrequently or not at all
  • Fraudulent successions- Where a tenancy has been retained/maintained following the death of the tenant without the consent or the knowledge of the landlord (Housing Solutions), this person may or may not have rights to succession
  • Unauthorised exchange or assignment/mutual exchange- Where a tenant or tenants exchange or assign properties without the consent or knowledge of the landlord (Housing Solutions)
  • Fraudulent application for a housing transfer- Where a tenant presents false or misleading information in order to obtain a transfer. This includes misrepresentation of circumstances and/or providing false identification documents.

We  take all reports/indications of suspected fraud seriously and will  carry out initial investigations swiftly and thoroughly.

You can report tenancy fraud online via our reporting form. Your details will remain confidential and we will keep you updated on the outcomes of our investigations.