Your priority for housing

Housing associations give priority to households with the greatest housing need.
How do we decide who is in housing need?
Applications will be assessed against the eligibility criteria contained in your landlord's Allocations Policy and placed into the appropriate band

We have four priority bands:

  • Band A- This is the highest priority and is awarded to households with a severe or urgent housing need
  • Band B- This is the second highest priority band is awarded to customers with an urgent need to move
  • Band C- This is the third highest priority band and is awarded to households with an identified need to move
  • Band D- No priority awarded as there is no identified housing need.

Full details of the priority bands are set out in your landlord's Allocations Policy.
What to do if you are not happy with a decision; If you are not happy with a decision that we make, you can ask us to review the decision.